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VITAstir® is Michigan’s leading provider of natural vitamin injections. Our vitamin injections offer solutions to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle…


  • vitamin d injection for depression

    Vitamin D Injection

    For Depression and Mood
  • B12 injection

  • Skinny Shot

    Skinny Shot®

    Weight Loss / Energy / Metabolism
  • Immune Boost Injection

    Immunity / Wellness
  • glutathione injection for skin lightening

    Glutathione Injection

  • lipotropic injections

    Lipotropic Injection

    Weight Loss
  • Vitamin c injection

    Vitamin C Injection

    Skin and Immunity
  • biotin injections

    Biotin Injection

    Hair, Skin & Nails
  • weight loss program

    Lipotropic, B12, L-Carnitine Injection Combo

    Weight Loss/Energy/Performance
  • weight loss injection

    Lipoplex Fit Injection

    Slim Weight Loss Formula
  • Weight loss programs

    Hormone Balance Injection

  • metabolism injection

    Metabolism Boost Injection

  • anemia injection

    Anemia Injection

  • hypothyroidism

    THYROIDex Injection

    Thyroid/Hormonal Weight Gain
  • b-complex injection

    Vpack Injection

    Energy Boost / Hormone Balance

    L-Carnitine Injections

    Fat Burner
  • Glutathione and vitamin c injection

    Glutathione & Vitamin C Injection

    Skin Bright Injection

    PowerShot Injection

    Weight Loss / Energy / Metabolism
  • lipotropic injections

    Lipotropic, B12 Injection

    Weight Loss/Energy

HomeKits (Delivered to your home)

(Delivered to your home. After purchase, our Doctor will call you to complete a TeleHealth phone consultation, then your kit is shipped out.)

  • Sale! b complex injection

    B-Complex Injection HOMEKIT

    Energy & Wellness Original price was: $299.00.Current price is: $259.00.
  • Vitamin B1 Injection

    B1(Thiamine) / B12 Injection HOMEKIT

    Anemia / Metabolism / Thyroid $169.00
  • Sale! B12 shots

    B12 Injection HOMEKIT

    Energy Original price was: $189.00.Current price is: $119.00.
  • Vitamin b5 injection

    B5 (Dexapanthanol) Injection HOMEKIT

    Skin / Stress / Inflammation $159.00
  • biotin for hair injection

    Biotin Injection Homekit

    Hair/Skin/Nails $399.00
  • Fit Shot Injection

    Fit Shot® Injection HOMEKIT

    Performance/Weight Loss/Recovery $399.00
  • folic acid injection

    Folic Acid (B9) Injection HOMEKIT

    Hormone/ Mood / Hot Flashes $249.00
  • Sale! Glutathione Injections

    Glutathione Injection HOMEKIT

    For Detox and Skin Original price was: $289.00.Current price is: $159.00.
  • glynac anti ageing

    GlyNAC Injection HOMEKIT

    Anti-Ageing | Performance | Inflammation $399.00
  • GSH high dose

    GSH High Dose Injection HOMEKIT

    For Depression | Focus | Anti-Aging $399.00
  • Sale! hormone balance injection

    Hormone Balance Injection HOMEKIT

    Weight Loss/Energy/Mood/Cravings Original price was: $659.00.Current price is: $499.00.
  • Sale! Immune Boost at home

    Immune Boost Injection HOMEKIT

    Immune / Inflammation / Healing Original price was: $599.00.Current price is: $399.00.
  • L-carnitine injections

    L-Carnitine Injection HOMEKIT

    LEAN FAT BURNER $199.00
  • Sale! Lipotropic b12 injections

    Lipotropic(MIC) and B12 Injection HOMEKIT

    Weight Loss/Energy Original price was: $229.00.Current price is: $159.00.
  • NAC N-Acetyl cysteine

    NAC Injection HOMEKIT

    Mood/Inflammation/Fatigue $269.00
  • NAD Injections

    NAD+ (Active Form) Injection HOMEKIT

    Focus | Energy | Anti-Aging | Muscle Recovery | Performance $449.00
  • Vitamin C injection


    Weight Loss/Energy/Met $399.00
  • Sale! Semaglutide injection for weight loss

    Semaglutide Injection HomeKit

    Weight Loss Original price was: $599.00.Current price is: $175.00.
  • Sale! glutathione and vitamin c

    Skin Bright Injection HOMEKIT

    For Skin and Complexion Original price was: $478.00.Current price is: $349.00.
  • Skinny Shot

    Skinny Shot® Injection (MIC, B12, L-Carnitine) HOMEKIT

    Weight Loss/Energy/Performance $339.00


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  1. Sharon

    Do you accept insurance?

    • VITAstir®

      I’m sorry we do not take insurance.

  2. Jusgorgeous

    Hello! I have a history of Sle Lupus and fibromyalgia. And recently RA. I have alot of pain and stiffness. Also known to have vitamin d sufficiency. What shot would be recommended

    • VITAstir®

      We would recommend scheduling in office and getting a one-on-one consultation so we can find the best fit for you.

  3. Tia

    What injections do you recommend for Lupus and fibromyalgia??

    • VITAstir®

      We would recommend coming in for a on-on-one consultation so we can make the best combination for you based on your need.

  4. Kelly marcelino

    I am I interested in home injection kits. Three of us go to the doctor to do this but they will be closed for a time period as you well know. Can you guide me through this. We get the MIC shot. We love it and do not want to stop. Thank you so much

    • VITAstir®

      Yes, our homekits require a telemed consultation online before they can be shipped. Click on the homekit tab at the top of our website to start.

  5. Sarah Hanoka

    Do you send a how to give the injection to yourself with kits?

    • VITAstir®

      Yes, to learn how to self administer, we provide a video to watch


    Does any of the shots have caffeine in them? I can’t have caffeine.

    • VITAstir®

      We do not have caffeine in any of our injections.

  7. Erin

    How often do you use the vitamin injection

    • VITAstir®

      Most injections are done twice per week, please check with your nurse, as some may only be once per week.

  8. Lisa

    Is this good for bariatric patients?

    • VITAstir®

      Typically this group of patients develop nutrient deficiencies due too low absorption in the stomach. Vitamin injections bypass the stomach and can provide better delivery of vitamins and minerals.

  9. Natalie

    I have high b12 and folic acid deficiencies along with moderate b1,b2,b3,b6, vit A and E, zinc, magnesium etc.. and I have been taking oral supplements from my doctor for 5 months.. but isn’t making a difference it seems.. would this service work for me?

    • VITAstir®

      If oral vitamins aren’t working for you, you may have absorption issues. Vitamin injections bypass the stomach/gastro system and may be a better option. I would recommend scheduling a consult and letting our office do an assessment of what symptoms you are having.

      • Linda Clause

        Which injection is best helps with Rumatoid Artritis that maybe resolve some pain

        Than you ❤️

        Linda Clause

        • VITAstir®

          Vitamin B9, D, C and B12 have been known to help with RA pain.

  10. Madeline

    Will you ever get the AMP Power injections back in stock?

    • VITAstir®

      Sorry, we do not have a time line for when AMP will be available. As of right now they are unavailable. The closest thing we suggest would be the L-Carnitine.

      • Rana

        What injection is great for memory.

        • VITAstir®

          We would recommend reading about our IV Therapy called Focus/Memory/Mood

  11. Dee sully

    Hello do you do mesotherapy shots? Do you take care credit? How do you check out what’s wrong with a person before you give them shots?

    • VITAstir®

      Sorry we do not do mesotherapy. We do not take care credit. Our Livonia office is equipped with a full lab and does micro-nutrient testing.

  12. deloris Daffin

    Hello. Do you offer iron injections? I have been prescribed to take 325 Ferrous Sulfate three times a day which I often miss due to scheduling. Also I’m interested in finding out about the weight-loss injections. Are these injections covered by insurance and or the flex benefit card? Thank U

    • VITAstir®

      We have a protocol for iron deficiencies, this would be done during your initial consultation. Sorry, unfortunately, we do not take any type of insurance or flex cards.

  13. Samantha

    If you are licensed/certified to give injections do you allow your client to purchase the injections and do it themselves at home?

    • VITAstir®

      Unfortunately we only administer the therapies, we do not sell our vials.

  14. VITAstir®

    On your initial consultation, the nurse will be able to look at your history and suggest proper treatment. We treat teenagers 18 and up.

  15. Wendy

    Are you located near Grand Rapids?

    • VITAstir®

      Unfortunately, we do not have a location near Grand Rapids.

  16. Joe

    Wondering what dosage are your typical vitamin c injections?

    • VITAstir®

      There is 50mg of Vitamin C. It contains other B-Vitamins and nutrients as well.

  17. George Fredrickson

    Which would you recommend for energy? If I workout 4-5 times per week and just need a boost for extra energy

    • VITAstir®

      If you are looking for performance/energy you could read more about the L-Carnitine or GAC injections. The V-Pack is more for energy throughout the day also. You can also talk to your nurse in detail at your consultation.

      • Pauline Logan

        Are these vitamins from your company available in Ontario Canada? Thank you.

        • VITAstir®

          I’m sorry we are only in the United States.

  18. Jackie F

    Can I take these if I am diabetic?

    • VITAstir®

      Yes. Everything we do is all natural and either a vitamin, amino, or mineral.

  19. S Price

    Do the weight loss injections affect blood pressure?

    • VITAstir®

      No, they have no effect on blood pressure.

  20. Dina Williams

    How much weight can I expect to lose?

    • VITAstir®

      That depends on your body type, starting weight, goals, motivation levels, and many other factors. Our patients have a 95% success rate in reaching their goals. I would recommend speaking with a nurse, click on ‘schedule my appointment’ above and they can give you a more personalized answer. See you soon!


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