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Lipotropic(MIC) and B12 Injection HOMEKIT w/ TeleHealth Physicians Consultation

(896 customer reviews)


Home Kit Includes:
30 Day supply of Lipotropic(MIC) / B12 (10 Injections)
Alcohol Pads
Physician Consultation [online]

Intramuscular (IM) Injection, self-administered in frontal thigh area.
Video tutorial provided after purchase.

Lipotropic compounds are aminos used to aid in transporting fat and removing it from the body.
The purpose of the our Lipotroic and Vitamin B12 injections is to improve energy levels, boost metabolism and help burn fat.

Twice a week

– Weight Loss
– Appetite Suppression
– Improves Energy
– Increases Metabolism
– Enhances Mood
– Helps regulate sleep

TeleHealth Consultation
A physician may contact you within 24 hours of purchase if additional information is needed.

Ingredients: Lipotropic (MIC: Methionine, Inositol, Choline) B12 (100mcg/mL cyanocobalamin) REQUIREMENT:  All our at-home kits include a tele-medicine consultation with a physician at no additional cost. Upon approval of the physician, medications are shipped out. If for any reason, the physician does not approve, you will be instantly refunded.After purchase of this product, a physician will call you within 24 hour.

Additional information

Weight .6 lbs

896 reviews for Lipotropic(MIC) and B12 Injection HOMEKIT w/ TeleHealth Physicians Consultation

  1. Michelle B.

    They were wonderful with answering any questions & helping with any needs I had. I started shots recently, with proper diet and activity I’m down approximately 13 lbs in going into 4th week.

  2. Anonymous

  3. Desiree Reyes

    works wonders

  4. Amanda A.

    Great boost when the winter has you feeling run down

  5. Anonymous

  6. Karen Bostic

    Shipping was fast, customer service was great and the product has truly helped me with my mood and energy level.

  7. Laura

  8. Anthony

    I lifted weights and did cardio for 6 days a week with a 1500 calorie diet and lost no weight using this product. I even ordered another early on in hopes of success only to find out it did not aid in weight loss. And I couldn’t even return I unopened kit.

  9. Nicole A.

    I haven’t noticed any weight loss but my energy levels have certainly increased, it’s been 3 wks so I do feel encouraged to continue! The process was extremely easy and I plan to continue and follow recommendations to achieve the best results.

  10. Anonymous

  11. Devery

    I seem to have more energy and my food cravings are definitely under control.

  12. Alivia Carey

  13. Rick B.

    Excellent product! I’ve never felt better since I started their B12 injections.

  14. Deborah B.

    I really appreciate the valuable service I receive at Vitastir!

  15. Heather

    Love, Love, Love the service I receive from VITAstir Clinic!

  16. Marie

    They made everything so easy… from purchasing/telehealth consultation to the “how to” video!

  17. Desiree R.

    Its been working great, i have energy, I’ve lost my voracious appetite, helps with my intermitent fasting as I eat because I want to. I constantly drink tons of water but I didint see change in my weight. However, my stylist did tell me yesterday my face looks slim

  18. Selwyn

    The video was SO helpful and easy to follow. Quick and easy process. I notice a difference in my energy, anxiety, and depressive symptoms and my brain fog. Hoping to continue to see these good results!

  19. April Dixon

  20. Barbara O.

    Always very helpful and safe excellent customer service

  21. Anonymous

    Third week. Lost 7 lbs with limited diet modification

  22. Lynn C.

  23. Linda S.

  24. Anonymous

    Package and Presintation was perfect I’m not as tired but I still have food cravings.

  25. Ashley

    VITAStir website was very easy to use and find what I needed and arrived quickly!

  26. Anonymous

    I never leave reviews ever but, the lipotropic b12 shots are amazing. I put on 25 lbs in the last couple years and I have tried everything to get rid of it… diets, fasting, keto. I even tried coolsculpting for $4,000 when that didn’t work I cried. I signed up for a weight loss program thru my health ins and they put me on xenical. I only lost 2 pounds. I had been going to the gym everyday for months and still nothing. I heard about the lipotropic b12 shots and thought why not? So I ordered, they came within a few days. The injections are fairly easy and painless And it works. Today is day 30 and I’m down 7 lbs. The first couple weeks were slow but now the weight is coming off fast. I just received my 2nd bottle. I figure another 30 days and I’ll be where I wanna be. Love this stuff. 5 stars.

  27. Katrina Somers

  28. Laura

  29. Brian Williams

    Great product!

  30. Uyanga J.

  31. Paula Ferguson

  32. janice

    simple injection,….B12 energy!!!

  33. Heather A.

    VITAstir home delivery is such a great alternative to booking appointments and receiving injections in clinic. Being able to enjoy the benefits of b12 in the comfort of my own home on my own time has made a huge difference in my life and the quality of their prescriptions are incredible. I highly recommend.

  34. Anonymous


  35. Diana

    Hello…I have been a customer of this fine company for several years….every product that I have used is excellent. I see results, I feel them in my body and I am so satisfied..This last one is a real booster for ME! try and see for yourself…..xo diana

  36. Carol Eichman

  37. Kari H.

    Easy to order and fast delivery.

  38. Danielle

  39. Anonymous

  40. Bryce S.

    It has been a great product so far. I feel great from the B12 and my apatite has been reduced.

  41. Cindy K.

    It’s going good so far. I took my 2nd shot yesterday. I feel l like my appetite is suppressed more the b12 gives me more energy.

  42. amanda Rhue

  43. Jill Parsons

  44. Heather M.

    Love, love, love the Lipotropic and B12 HomeKits. Everyone at VitaStir Clinic is so nice and helpful whenever I need them.

  45. Stacie Estrella

  46. Kelly S.

    Noticed better energy and mood. I would recommend this for anyone trying to improve performance. I didn’t notice any weight loss.

  47. Kathy Morrow

  48. Julia

    I love my results this – I just walk 15 mins a day and this really boosts my system!

  49. Maria nieto

    Got my package in a timely manner

  50. Gabriela

  51. Somer O.

    Fast shipping, all the supplies needed, and effective product.

  52. Anonymous

  53. Shona

    I’m very pleased with the service of VITAstir. My order came quickly and well packaged. The home kit is very easy to use and the helpful videos provided online were great. As for the product itself, I’m only 3 weeks in and have lost 2Lb’s, but I’m feeling more energy which helps to exercise more. I’ve also noticed I’m not as irritable, so helping with positive mood to. Very happy so far and will order again.

  54. Deborah Rosine

    Fast easy buying experience

  55. Julia M.

    Love this product! Walk 15 mins a day and eat right and good to go!

  56. Robert W.

  57. Heather M.

    Very friendly and helpful thank you

  58. Anonymous

  59. Deanna H.

    Absolutely what I needed to improve my energy levels to meet the needs in my hectic schedule.So convenient to have access at home instead of adding one more appointment to my schedule every week to go get an injection.

  60. Diane B.

  61. Joanna

    Great really works

  62. Bethany M.

    So far, the product has been effective.


  64. sally harlow

  65. Mehgan

    I love these injections – they make me feel great and the instructions are really easy to follow.

  66. Carla V.

    Ordered was delivered in a very quick way.

  67. Skye

  68. Deborah B.

    Awesome customer service, thank you!

  69. Monica J.

    I’ve been on the lipotropic injections for three weeks now and I love it. I’m dropping weight, my appetite is curb and my energy is through the roof. I’m definitely going to continue till I reach my desired goal.

  70. Patricia Davis

  71. Patricia Davis

  72. Michael Feeley

  73. Tina B.

    Easy to do, and I felt a lot more energetic!

  74. Anonymous

  75. Lisa H.


  76. Emily G.

    My energy is increased, with suppression of appetite. Highly recommend!

  77. Sheri S Brownlee

    Love the product

  78. Jessica S.

    Fast, friendly and my go to. I’m on my 3rd month.

  79. Deborah B.

    Awesome products and customer service!

  80. Anonymous

    Product was shipped and received in a timely manner. This is my first month so I can’t speak to the results yet.

  81. Robin G.

    Love the convince

  82. Anonymous

  83. Becky

    Quick service, product as described, very easy to administer at home

  84. Bethany M.

    Fantastic product

  85. Anonymous

  86. vicki aloisio

  87. Sarah Woelfel

    Ordering was simple and easy, received in a timely manner. Injections are easy to do. No results yet about half way through so that’s disappointing. Will order again.

  88. Yelena Lugina

  89. Bethany M.

    I fully trust. and recommend these products. My friends are noticing the difference.

  90. Anonymous

    I have been very pleased with product. Makes being 50 a little bit easier. Thank you VITAstir.

  91. NADINE L.

    This was a very easy and fast process

  92. Theresa Cvetanovski

    wonderful customer service and amazing product

  93. Mehgan

    Instructions on how to use were super clear and these shots give me so much energy. Highly recommend

  94. Jamie

    Great customer service. Quick follow up after I completed my information and order was fulfilled shortly after. Will order again.

  95. Sheri P.

    This was an easy and quick process to order the product. Very happy with the quality and will continue to order from them.

  96. Mallory

    Love this product and have felt an uptick in energy since using. Initially I was fearful of giving myself the injection but the video provided sufficient instruction and the kit makes it painless.

    Not sure if I have had any weightloss yet, but will continue to use

  97. Jim

  98. Sheila G.

    I have been taking vitamin B12 for about 6 months and my energy and health are amazing! I feel a big difference for the better!! So glad I started this and will keep it up!

  99. Deborah B.

    Always very happy with the MIC home kit, very good for my liver!

  100. Anonymous

    Love the effects! Even helped with libido!

  101. Mindy Niezgodzki

  102. Rachel

  103. Amber Dorer

  104. Katherine

    Vitastir is the best! Convenient and easy to order and high quality supplements. The MIC B12 gives me energy and keeps me feeling great

  105. Anonymous

    Lost few pounds , will purchase more .

  106. Anonymous

    This product is much more effective than the B12. Happy I ordered it. Workouts are longer and metabolism is finally working.

  107. Divya

  108. Charmane W.

    Loved the ease of the ordering process, will be ordering again!

  109. Jessica S.

    Week 3 and already have more energy. More energy means more movement. More movement means more calories burned. Already ordered my next months supply.

  110. Houston Morgan

    Great product!!

  111. Claire M.

    Excellent product, fast shipping, and good quality of contents.

  112. dusty

    love the product but mine got broken in shipment and i didnt know till i went to use it and yall will not replace it $229 wasted

  113. Anonymous

    Definitely lost at least 5 pounds in 1 month !
    Will continue

  114. Jessica

    I can’t say enough great things about this company and ease of use, from start to finish! I have found an excellent combination that works for me!!!

  115. Robyn Owens

  116. Sandra G.

    Quick turn around, began feeling better after about 1 week. Better mood and increased energy were noticeable.

  117. Anonymous

    Very easy to use, great delivery, I’m glad I can do this without leaving my home.

  118. Venita

    Great experience so far

  119. Willie Baronet

  120. Regina W.

    Received quickly. Helps me get moving!

  121. Anonymous

    Wonderful service!

  122. Keith Bucco

    Truly amazing.

  123. Carrie

    Great products, great customer service! My favorite I also like to order the skinny shot, which I just ordered today

  124. Venita F.

    I’ve lost six pounds—a drop in the bucket, but still moving in the right direction.

  125. Catherine Perez

  126. Anonymous

    Gave me extra energy and help my mood.

  127. Lacey Rosson

    I loved it! It helped with energy and my favorite part it helped with my muscle pain in my legs! Definitely buying again!

  128. dusty

    love it

  129. Kati H.

    Keeps my energy levels up and helps with weight loss!

  130. Melissa Drake

  131. ana maria mena

    love the shots and how easy was to talk to the doctor and shipping

  132. Adrianna Brown

  133. Ruby Shweihat

    I love these shots they give me energy to workout and make me stronger to fight my appetite and reduce cravings

  134. Sabitha Gladden

  135. Tonya

    Gave me some extra energy & lightened my mood a bit. Would really like more appetite control. Going to try the skinny shot next.

  136. Anonymous

    Fast and easy! the needles are on the larger size though

  137. Carolyn

    Great product for weight loss, energy, and maintaining good health! Very timely and prompt with delivery! I would recommend this product.

  138. Anonymous

  139. Bruce Mizell

  140. Anonymous

  141. Venita F.

    Prompt service and great discounts!

  142. Anonymous

    Love this product!

  143. Regina Grillo

    I love the energy I get from these injections. Now that I have stamina I can workout better.

  144. Debra Meredith

  145. Johanna

    I love this product. I’ve ordered twice and I will continue using it monthly.

  146. Claudia Sharlin

  147. Jennifer Munoz

    This definitely gave me more energy and sped up my metabolism. Will purchase again

  148. Heather G.

  149. Ashley N.

    So far so good! Super easy to do at home and even easier to order.

  150. Marissa T.

    Great product!

  151. Anonymous

    Easy process and shipped quickly.

  152. Michael Blackwell

    Lost 12 pounds since the started the product. Really helps curb my appetite.

  153. Anonymous

    The Lipo B12 shots are amazing. I have been doing Weight Watchers and losing very slowly. The shots gave me extra energy to move more. Walking mostly. I have lost 3.8 lbs since starting the Lipo B12 and have four more shots to go. I’m definitely reordering.

  154. Ruby S.

    I love the B12 shots infused with lipotropic they give me enough energetic and suppress my appetite to help reach my goals

  155. Michelle cullors

    Has given me great energy

  156. Anonymous

  157. Anonymous

    Product is expensive compared to others, though deliver is good.

  158. Cheryl Smith

  159. Tamera R.

    Very fast shipment and I feel confident with my product!

  160. Anonymous

    It gives me better metabolism and more energy!

  161. Sheri Monroe

  162. CAITLIN

    I used to work for a PA and got my injections weekly for free, now that I have to pay I love that I can administer them on my own. Looking forward to ordering glutathione next!

  163. Maria

  164. Tina Sullivan

  165. Mark

    Need more training on self injections

  166. Anonymous

    Kit came quickly and it is easy to use.

  167. Anonymous

    Energy up! Will try a weight loss injection next.

  168. ashley m.

    Great product, great service.

  169. Debra Meredith

  170. Anonymous

  171. Anonymous

    Such a easy process!!

  172. Anonymous

    Not bad at all. Just expensive

  173. Jaclyn D.

    Great product. Excellent service for an easy experience.

  174. Deborah B.

    Thanks for the awesome product!

  175. Stacey

    Too early to see full effect

  176. Kellie P.

  177. Holly E.

  178. Ashley Joyce

  179. Anonymous

    I love this product. Thank you for the home kits.

  180. Jenny

    Makes you feel great!

  181. Sheila

    My energy level went up abs I feel like I’ve started to loose the weight I’m trying to get off.

  182. Elizabeth

    Works like a charm.

  183. Anonymous

    Arrived quick and very Thorough on beginners questionnaire. The doctor reviewed it quickly and got back to me quicker than I thought it would. I love the stuff feel so much better I’m glad I found you.

  184. Carolyn

    Great product, it makes me feel better with more energy, and helps to keep my weight just where I want it! I will be reordering again!!

  185. Connie

  186. Katie Adkerson

  187. Lori K.

    Easy process

  188. Sheri M.

    Sometimes it gives me a really good boost of energy but sometimes I don’t get that effect.

  189. Regina W.

  190. Debra

    Website easy to navigate. Notification was timely and produce works awesome.

  191. Anonymous

    Love the product.Delivered on time and responsive time to order was excellent

  192. Anonymous

    So easy and convienent! I feel better and more like myself.

  193. Mari G.

  194. Renata V.

  195. Jade M.

    I giving a 3 because it’s only my first round, I been working out 45min 3 times out the week and my appetite hasn’t changed I have also been watching my food portions, no weight change. I DO HAVE A ENERGY BOOST im going to give it more time.

  196. Anonymous

  197. Vicki McFadin

  198. Anonymous

    I love this product

  199. Dominique

    It works amazingly

  200. Anonymous

    It’s really good, feel the different but a bit pricy

  201. Sonya R.

    Love this product!!

  202. Danica G.

    I am a repeat HAPPY customer.

  203. Anonymous

    The energy increase was noticeable at the first shot.

  204. Sasha M.

    fast shipping. I notice a difference in my energy and I have not even tried but I lost 4 pounds this week, I am not sure if its related to the B12 / MIC but it came off without trying.

  205. debra k.

    This was a smooth process and I love the B12 Mic

  206. Tracy

  207. Alyssa

    LOVE THIS PRODUCT! always gives me energy and lightened my mood!

  208. Anonymous

  209. Keith Lynn

  210. Jessica T.

    Always excellent service, fast shipping, and good products!

  211. Michelle

    I’m extremely pleased with my order and looking forward to continuing my journey with Vitastir

  212. Courtney S.

    It completely helped with my appetite- I was very rarely hungry. The process itself is easy and convenient.

  213. Blakely W.

    I have noticed a huge difference in my mood and energy!

  214. Coronda

    I love my product. My shipment was fast and it works great

  215. Anonymous

    I like the way I feel after a month + of using this supplement. I feel more alert and energetic, happy, and less anxious/doom-and-gloomy. However, I have not lost any weight at all. I have recently added in the Metformin as was suggested for me. Hoping that will help with weight loss. So, overall, I would definitely recommend this to others if they are feeling crummy and lethargic. It has changed that for me pretty significantly, and I will continue to use it, hoping for better long-term weight loss benefits. The injections are fairly painless and much easier to administer than I thought. The trick is to put the needle all the way in vs. just a short distance down. It seems like it’s going too far, but it’s not. It works very well, and the vial lasts a long time.

  216. Paula Hancock

  217. Annette

    Excellent instructions! Drf contacted me within 24 hours and quality product was shipped promptly! Highly recommend!

  218. Lora D.

    Kit included everything you could need including clear instructions. Starting to have much more energy. No weight loss as of yet.

  219. Anonymous

  220. Anonymous

    I have tried a few different products from VITAstir. I really like the MIC/ B12 homekit. The company has great customer service and their products are great!

  221. Vicki McFadin

    I was supposed to get a credit and I did not. Otherwise I would have given a higher score.

  222. Anonymous

    This is a great boost to include in your workouts

  223. Nazia Alam

  224. Veronica

  225. Sharon DelRoss

  226. Meagan M.

    No complaints at all arrived on time, you definitely get your money’s worth
    Great job.

  227. Lei Laun King

  228. Anonymous

  229. Anonymous

    So far, so good.

  230. Regina

    Expediently shipped. Love the product. I feel more energized! Thank you!

  231. Alicia R.

    The lipotropic injections have helped immensely with my energy since i started using it! I am working out and trying to lose weight, and I can definitely tell a difference in the way my clothes fit and in my energy and strength during my workouts. I feel stronger and have less of the afternoon tiredness that I had before. I definitely have more motivation due to amount of energy that I have now. Mornings are no longer a problem for me because I no longer feel sluggish and tired when I wake up. I would 100 percent recommend this product to anyone who is struggling with weight loss and low energy!

  232. John Jones

  233. Terry

  234. Gale

    The Lipotropic B12 has decreased my appetite significantly and I’m steadily and slowly losing weight. I feel so much better.

  235. Tracy Murphy

    Love it

  236. JENNIFER W.

    Awesome product

  237. Anonymous

    I love the lipotropic B12 it’s really effective

  238. megan

    I love my shots! They work great and ordering is quick, easy, & they’re delivered fast, too! Definitely recommend!

  239. Anonymous

  240. Alison

  241. Houston Morgan

    Does the job!

  242. Lisa

    I feel so much better!

  243. Amy B.

    I’m always so happy to see these boxes! Great product & supplies.

  244. Anonymous

  245. Jeffrey Adair

    Always on time

  246. Nancy

    This product is so easy and it helps me so much I will continue using this product.

  247. Carolyn

    Great product! Arrives in a timely manner. I would recommend this product and company!

  248. Francesca Maffei

    Products are great… My only issue is that I paid for priority over night and did not receive until days later.

  249. Lisa E Barber

  250. Anonymous

    My energy has been up since I started the injections. I’m able to motivate myself to go about my day and change my eating habits. The injections are easy to do yourself and I recommend this to anyone.

  251. Anonymous

  252. Anonymous

  253. Anonymous

  254. Kimberly Ewell

  255. Gale

  256. Alyson

    Very prompt and informative in answering all my questions.

  257. Lisa

    More energy and dropping weight!

  258. Anonymous

    Love how much energy this gives me! I am mainly using this to help me lose weight and I was able to drop 8 lbs after just 2 weeks of use. Not sure if this is mostly from change in diet or from the injections on their own, but it seems to be helping so far!

  259. Nancy S.

  260. Melissa Drake

  261. Natalie Langley

    Easy to use. Appreciate the instructional video.

  262. Tara P.

    Outstanding everything! Service, follow up, product quality were all excellent. Thank you!

  263. Karlene M. Krista

  264. Kristen


  265. Solange Isaacs

    Waiting for results

  266. Leah


  267. Donna

    I love getting my Lipotropic B-12 at home. It is fast and easy. I love VitaStir and will continue ordering

  268. Diana Garibaldi

    Hello, this is the best company….their products are of the finest quality. They never disappoint….customer service at it’s best…try them and see for yourself…thanks

  269. Lucia Leguizamo

    I feel better and look better than before the shots

  270. Kathleen

  271. Michael Alaniz

    Exactly what I wanted! Works great!

  272. Erin Feagin

    Thank you for all your help!

  273. John K.

    Doctor consultation was easy and quick. Got my prescription in a very short time. Everything was just as expected. Will definitely be a repeat customer.

  274. Johanna

    Ordering the product I wanted was quick and easy. The physician contacted me within 24 hours. The physician was very nice and communicated to me in a manner that was very understandable. I will order again.

  275. Anonymous

    It works well and I have lost some pounds.

  276. Tracy C.

    Love it and email promos really help me keep up the regimen.

  277. Vanessa

  278. Tara Payne

    Great service and happy with my product

  279. Felecia C.

    Losing inches! and I get so much energy Great product!

  280. Ellyn R.

    Quick ship. I’m excited to try these.

  281. Gale

    This has defined helped me in being less hungry and feeling fully satisfied eating less food and less often.

  282. Carolyn

    Great product, arrived in a timely manner! Looking forward to doing much more business in the future

  283. Morgan


  284. Lisa H.

    You always do a great job!

  285. Ronald S.

    Great product

  286. Janette M.

    Down to my second month. I feel amazing. I have lost 9lbs so far. I began to eat better and work out along with the shots. Those three things combined have slowly allowed me to reach my weight goals. Once this month is over I will consider a third month. It’s important to note I started out at 138lbs and two months later have lost 9lbs.

  287. Piper Harris

  288. Melissa G.

  289. Larry G.

    Great fast service

  290. Debbie H.

  291. Amy B.

    Fabulous service & products! Physician was professional & courteous. Highly recommend this company in all aspects!

  292. Jeffrey H.

    The Customer service has been great!! I will continue to shop here!!

  293. Anonymous

    Great product and service . I have been using these vitamins for a while and so far so good .


  295. Anonymous

    I have more energy and the pounds are starting to come off. I’m very pleased

  296. Claudia

    Great product!

  297. Bridgette T.

    This product actually works. I encourage any one to exercise, eat healthy, and follow instructions in order to lose the weight faster. Also, your packages will come to your address quick. Thanks, Vistastir Team.

  298. Christian Cardoso

    The Dr was very helpful and answered all my questions.

  299. Catalina Hull

  300. Melissa Greenbaum

  301. Anonymous

    I have lost 25 lbs in 2 month using the Lipotropic b12. I change my portions of food. I drink water and quit drinking pop. I I had tons of energy so I was walking and being more active.

  302. Jenny

  303. Bethany Harrington

  304. Debra

  305. Janette

    This product was very effective in giving me energy. I lost 6 pounds, it was a combination of the shot and change in diet. I started off weighing 138lbs and I am now 132lbs towards the tail end of the month. I will definitely reorder.

  306. Monica Williamson

    I’ve been using it for almost a month and I have already seen a change in not being as hungry and also lost 5 pounds,gives me energy

  307. Claudia S.

    Extremely helpful! It helps me to stay healthy, and I have a lot of energy!

  308. megan

    I have been feeling so much better after taking the lipotropic injection and have definitely noticed a difference in my metabolism. Definitely worth a try!

  309. Kristen

    Wonderful energizer and mood boost

  310. JEFFREY

    I love this stuff it’s great gives me energy and I have lost weight

  311. Carolyn

    Great product, works well, I feel great!

  312. Sarah M.

    Great service! I have been very happy with the entire process! Thanks!

  313. LaSandra D.

  314. Anonymous

    It was easy to order and able to get my questions answer by a nurse. Also the physician responded fast and approved my order. Energy wise I feel better and able to accomplish more then what I had done in the past week feeling down. I highly recommend it.

  315. Claire M.

    Easy ordering process and a great product. It really helps me with my energy levels.

  316. Jacquelyn Elliott

  317. Angie

  318. Anonymous

    I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for the plethora of benefits this product offers. It is incredible for relieving suffering from hot flashes of menopause,libido, and assists in weight loss. I purchased the home kit as well and the staff is very helpful with all my questions.

  319. Mary L.

    Shot instructions were easy. Shot quality is good and delivery was quick!

  320. Deborah B.

    Awesome customer service, as always – thanks!

  321. Ronald S.

    Fast service

  322. Paul Beasley

    Very Pleased with my order !

  323. Katherine Griffith

    Absolutely love this product and your customer service!

  324. Sara Harris

    Very easy/fast process. And shipping came in 2 days

  325. JENNIFER W.

    Love the product

  326. Veronica S.

    excellent product, felt immediate results. very easy to use. i will be ordering again.

  327. Lori C.

    The video explains how to inject. It is easy and painless.

  328. Grace Evans

  329. Anonymous

    I have had great results so far.

  330. Kathy Stygles

  331. vanessa vaudo

    Really happy with this product. I can definitely tell a difference in my energy and focus

  332. Cristina

    I feel amazing !! Will continue to
    Order each month!

  333. Claudia S.

    The consultation was easy and pleasant. Very friendly physician called me the first time I ordered.

  334. Anonymous

    Increased energy after the shots

  335. Maria L.

    Attentive to clients needs and very supportive

  336. Amy B.

    Amazing product & simple, straightforward process to order. Highly recommend!

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    I just ordered month 2 to get more into my system and super excited to see where this takes me .

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    Easy to administer. I may feel a slight increase in energy, but it’s only been a few weeks of using this product. No obvious weight loss yet- but again it’s only been 3 weeks so I am sure this will change over time.

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    Process was easy and shipping was fast. I will order again.

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    Experiencing increase in energy but no weight loss yet

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    You guys are great but this seems to sting for a while at injection site for a half hour or so and not sure if that is common. Goes away

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    I’ve been on this since March & it’s now July & I have lost 22lbs

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    Thanks to vita stir my b12 deficiency is back under control and I’m feeling more energy and I love the level of service they’ve provided! The shipping was really fast and I had my kit quickly. I will definitely continue to do business with them. The price breakdown was comparable to the shots I was receiving in a diet clinic but now I’m able to do them in my home and on my schedule, which has been the best part!

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    I have been use the Lipotropic(mic) with b12 injection for about 3 1/2 months. I’m already have loss 28 pounds & I have more energy. I know works because I do walk maybe 2 or 3 times a week for 30 min. But no special diet. So I know if I really had diet & more exercise I can loss alot more.

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    I’ve been administering the Lipotropic B12 shot at home for about 2 1/2 months. This shot has helped me continue my weight loss and gives me much needed energy. The process to reorder is very simple and shipment is very timely. I definitely recommend this product.

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  575. Melissa

    I really haven’t felt any different nor lost any weight but I have been eating less…

  576. Anonymous

    I really appreciate this service being an option – having recently moved to a remote area after being spoiled for several years living near a clinic that provided b12 & mic / etc without any hoops to jump through, this gives me some continuity… thanks!

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    The physician that I spoke to was very nice and accomodating. Ordering process is easy and I received product on time. My energy level using MIC & B 12 is up, but I have not lose weight yet. I will definitely be ordering this product thru VitaStir clinic.

  593. Deanna

    At first I was worried about giving myself the injection only because I don’t like needles. The video was well done and helped ease my fears, I felt like an expert after the first injection.
    I was hoping the b12 would help me lose weight, but I didn’t. I did feel a little more energetic and will keep taking the injection for that reason.

  594. Sarah G.

    I love the Mega burn with B12! The ordering process was super easy, the doctor I spoke with was very nice and the injection tutorial was great! I will definitely be ordering this product through VITAstir Clinic again!

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    I have been feeling a bit unmotivated, especially after staying home for a couple of months. It was very difficult to get back into the swing of things once I returned back to work. These injections helped me get up, work out, and get back on a healthy schedule!

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    Energy levels improved
    Activity level improved with improved stamina

  603. Anonymous

    Helped to curb cravings.

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    Seem to have more energy. Still hoping for the lose of weight to occur.

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    Purchase and consultation was quick and easy. Instructions were clear and shipment was quick. Definitely would recommend Vitastir

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    Awesome quick service, feeling amazing with my Lipotropic and B12 home injection kit, I’m definitely a customer for life.

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    Order arrived on time. Have more energy working out. Doesn’t get tired easily.

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  612. Anonymous

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    This was my first purchase of at home shots. The process was easy and efficient. The dr called me within 6-8 for the consultation. The training video is excellent. It went step by step on how to give yourself a shot. The Lipotropic and B12 has really helped me lose weight and gives me good energy.

  614. Anonymous


    love it. instructional video was good as is your chat desk when i had a question.

  616. Anonymous

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    Works very well in keeping my weight down while eating just about anything. I realize it was the vitamins after I stopped for about two months. Eating the same way but not taking the vitamins I gained 7 lbs. I’m back on track now.

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    great service and product.

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  629. Stephanie

    So far, it’s freaking! Easy to use!

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    Gave me energy as advertised. Kits are professional and MD called promptly to expedite order. Arrived within 4 days of order. Very happy.

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    I am very happy with my product, the doctor I spoke with and my results.

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    Great product provides energy and helps with craving and weight loss.

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    Everything was good and you delivered what you said.

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    Very effective! I have had so much energy. The Dr and online staff have been very helpful and I like that I can do this at home. Thanks.

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  644. Brittany Shipley

    Love this product. It works so well and I have so much energy

  645. CC

    definitely not suffering form my extreme fatigue anymore but haven’t lost an ounce since ive been taking these shots. Started 3 weeks ago, consistently twice a week. I eat a primarily healthy & vegetarian diet 85% of the time.

  646. Donna

    this works great

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    Helps with weight loss and appetite

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  649. Jessica N.

    I’m super happy as a customer, I’m sticking with this on the go forward. High quality good service.

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    Product was good. Worked as decribed. I am satisfied. Thanks.

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    Best decision I’ve ever made. Gives me so much energy, balance, better sleep and helps with anxiety. So far I’ve lost 12 lbs, would recommend to anyone for the extra boost.

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  663. Anonymous

    I experienced a little more energy, but did not seem to change my appetite. I am hopeful that if I continue taking it, I will have a good result.

  664. Anonymous

    The process was seamless and I have been feeling more energetic. I’m still waiting to see the weight loss benefits however I think I will need to continue the product longer to see the long term progress.

  665. Ashley M.

    Excellent at home regime that really makes a difference.

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  667. Donna B.

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  669. Lori Van Dresar

    I feel extra energy. Haven’t lost any weight.

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    Great service and product seems to be helping so far! Highly recommend!

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    I really like how the product works for me. I have great energy and less muscle soreness.

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  676. Alex

    This combo continues to work for me. Energy is up and appetite is down.

  677. Anonymous

    Awesome product!!

  678. Pamela

    Love the product and it gives me energy.

  679. Stephanie Lundquist

    I love it. It’s simple and easy to use


    Wish I would’ve done this sooner, increased energy and motivation! Seeing results within the first week

  681. Anonymous

  682. Sherry Hatten

  683. April

    Lipo-B12 injections have changed my life! Not only do I have energy but this aids in keeping my weight off!

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  685. Anonymous

    Much easier than expected and super pleased with the results so far.

  686. Michael Alaniz

    Exactly what I wanted! Great job!

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  688. Regina W.

    I’m so glad that I found Vitastir online. I used to get my injections from my Dr. but since the pandemic my Dr. stopped offering injections. Vitastir saved me! THANKS

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    Great came fast work very well

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    Everything has went smoothly

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  692. Rachel

    Love the energy!

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  696. Kristina

    I have been using the Lipotropic and B12 shots for 3 months now and love them! My energy level is incredible and I am losing weight! My orders are delivered quickly and if I have any questions at all they are answered fast! I have done other shots and they are not as effective as Vitastir!

  697. Cynthia

    I must report that I am very pleased with the Home injection kit. I have been using Lipotropic and B12 for 2 weeks now and I must report that ” I am extremely Satisfied with the product”. I now have more energy and the desire to do more each day!

  698. Larisa Simmons

  699. Alex H.

    Product seems to be working as advertised. I’m down 4lbs in 3 weeks since the beginning of use. Only knock is the time from order to arrival at my home.

  700. Jessica P.

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