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8 Week Weight Loss Program

Includes: Vitamin Injections, Diet Plan and Complete Body Fitness Program

Vitamin Clinic

VITAstir® is Michigan’s leading provider of natural vitamin injections. Our vitamin injections offer solutions to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle…

CURRENT SPECIAL - $99 for 10 B12

Vitamin B12 boosts ENERGY, increases METABOLISM, regulates SLEEP and helps control your APPETITE!
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Roll up your sleeve and feel better. We live fast paced, frenetic lives and rarely stop to evaluate our health. Eating on the go is a daily routine for many. When a proper diet is not always an option, and life gets in the way, many deficiencies can develop. These deficiencies seem to become apparent in the form of low energy (fatigue), weight gain, aging, anxiety, stress, depression and just very low stamina. Vitamin injections bridge the gap. Modern on-the-go lifestyles require us to do more, give more and be better. A simple dose of pure nutrient vitamins can drastically increase ones daily energy output. Yes, live a full and fast paced life, but don’t forget to give your body the nutrients it needs. Take a little time to recharge. You’ll love us for it!


"It truly works!"

Angela Murray

Age 45, West Bloomfield, MI

“The Weight Loss program and injections have changed my life in 30 days. I have so much energy from the B12 shots. In 30 days I have lost 4 inches from my waist and these very stubborn 10 lbs that I’ve been trying to lose for the last 2 years. The staff there are so supportive. Thanks so much Sara and Colleen.”



Age 44, Redford, MI

“I Recommend their B12 injections to all that will listen. As a Flight Attendant I need to be at my best regarding Energy and Attitude. B12 Injections do that for me…See you in the sky”

Jill Allen

Flight Attendant, Ypsilanti, MI

"I have lost over 50 pounds with their help, the staff is just wonderful! Thank you for all your help and encouragement!"

Kathleen McKim

Age 49, Livonia, MI

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The VITAstir Clinic provides comprehensive primary and preventative care services on a monthly membership fee basis. Become a member and FaceTime our physician today!

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