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Glutathione Injection

(11 customer reviews)

$59 per dose w/ medical consultation


Recommended: 1-2 times per week

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant great for detoxing. When your body has less toxins, it functions better and you’ll notice more energy.

Injection includes:
Pure Glutathione

-Increases energy
-Improves mental focus and clarity
-Greatly improves the skin and scarring
-Slows down the aging process
-Reduces muscle and joint discomfort
-Strengthens the immune system
-Erases age spots
-Detoxifies the liver and cells
-Improves quality of sleep
-Reduces the effects of stress
-Improves Athletic Performance and Recovery


11 reviews for Glutathione Injection

  1. Claudia

  2. Nida Salih

  3. Debra

  4. Anonymous

    On my 3rd shot yesterday and so far so good, I can see result already since I’m on my 2nd month using gluta so I’ve seen my skin getting a little bit lighter but the first effect you will notice is your skin will be smoother and I love it! I will give you guys update when I finish my last dose and will continue using it for maintenance.

  5. Anonymous

  6. Anonymous

    Great product and very friendly stuff

  7. Lynn W.

  8. Ken

  9. Kim

    Awesome place and people. Highly recommend.

  10. Anonymous

  11. angelique

    What an amazing feeling you will get even after the first injection

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