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L-Carnitine Injections

(8 customer reviews)

$35 per dose w/ medical consultation


Benefits of L-Carnitine

-Increases energy
-Fat Burner
-Lean Muscle
-Reduces muscle and joint discomfort
-Improves brain function
-Improves Athletic Performance and Recovery

Frequency: 1-2 times per week

IN-OFFICE PRODUCT (Please schedule appointment online after purchase)

L-Carnitine Injections w/consultation

L-Carnitine converts stored fat into energy, reduce fatigue and suppress the appetite. Carnitine discourages your body from storing fat and increases your aerobic capacity, therefore helping you to burn more calories. It works by transferring the long chain fatty acids in your body to be oxidized and converted into energy.


8 reviews for L-Carnitine Injections

  1. Rosalind Childs

  2. Anonymous

  3. Anonymous

  4. Mike Jacks

  5. Donald Viars

  6. Carmen

    Having much more energy and sleeping better after the treatment

  7. Michelle G.

  8. Jamie P

    Motivation has always been my biggest problem. Especially in the winter. I just could not take that initial step everyday to go to the gym. These have given me so much energy and less depression that I feel like I cant even sit in one place. Very happy I tried them, this is my third week and I will probably continue till I reach my goal.

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