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Lipotropic, B12, L-Carnitine Injection Combo

(25 customer reviews)

$59 per dose w/ medical consultation


Frequency: 1-2 times per week

Lose weight, improve energy levels and boost endurance at the gym with this specially formulated injection. Specifically formulated to help you burn calories.

Injection includes:

Benefits of Lipotropic/ B12/ L-Carnitine

-Burn Fat
-Increase Energy
-Lose Weight
-Appetite suppression
-Endurance and Stamina
-Better Mood

Common Symptoms of Deficiency
Weight Gain
Low Motivation
High Blood Pressure
Thyroid problems


25 reviews for Lipotropic, B12, L-Carnitine Injection Combo

  1. Elizabeth Dunai

  2. Tashawnda Lightning

    I love this place.

  3. Debra

  4. Tara S.

  5. Holly georgell

    Excellent! A worthwhile purchase.

  6. Anonymous

    My energy increased and my appetite decreased.

  7. Anonymous

    Since the injection I’ve increased my energy. My appetite has significantly reduced. My mood has increased as well. I sleep so much better.

  8. Martina Roth

    I would just suggest moving the Livonia office away from Dr. Pierce’s office. He is extremely unprofessional and it may reflect Vitastir negatively with no fault of Vitastir. The Vitastir staff is great!!!

  9. Anonymous

    Great experiences with medical staff. My energy is constant and I’m no longer drained by 2pm. Feeling so much better!!! Thank you Team VITAstir!!!

  10. Anonymous

  11. Stephanie

    Kyle was great. He answered all of my questions. I had a lot of energy after the injection. I will continue to receive them.

  12. Mirela Dzioba

  13. Mirela Dzioba

  14. Mirela Dzioba

  15. Mirela Saric

  16. Nicole Y.

  17. Don Torchia

    Vita stir injections make a huge difference in my life! The staff is incredible also!

  18. Kate

    Definitely feel an energy boost with these injections. And while not mentioned by other reviewers, I definitely have noticed an improvement in my skin tone and hair. Both a brighter complexion and glossier hair.

  19. Helena Cunningham

  20. Michelle G.

    I have been coming to the Livonia Clinic for some time now and love the staff and my vitamins!!!! I feel so much better since I have been on this program.

  21. Marvin

  22. Dana L.

    First started taking these as a “last resort” because I was feeling such a lack of energy. It took several before this vegetarian got the energy boost. Now I take them to maintain

  23. Tashawnda Lightning

  24. Colleen Manquen

    Kyle is great! Feeling Great 🙂

  25. Carolyn J

    What would I do without these, theyare a life saver.

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