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21 Day Rapid Weight Loss Program

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The Complete Package

Unlimited Lipotropic Fat Burning Injections

Our Lipotropic injections are a series of amino acids used to increase your metabolism and help your body burn fat at a faster rate then usual.


B12 Energy Injections

B12 is given to offset the fatigue and low energy most dieter experience during dieting. Most dieters don’t realize they are deficient in B12 and therefore feel tired all day. B12 will give you an energy boost.

Appetite Suppressants

One month of all natural appetite suppressants, these are given to those that need the extra help to control their cravings throughout the day.


Nutritional Consultation

This is a one-on-one consultation to ensure that you are healthy enough to start an intensive Weight Loss program. At our nutritional consult, you will be taught how to eat, not what to eat. We want to improve your eating habits to ensure long term success. We do not offer or sell powders, meals, bars or shakes.

AMP Energy Injections Weekly

Adenosine monophosphate increase energy and boosts metabolism


Vitamin Nutrient Injections

A full dose of vitamin nutrient injections to ensure good health


Weight Loss Booklet

Gives you guidance on what to eat and what to avoid


Weekly Vitals Checks

Vitals checked weekly to ensure good health


Our 21 Day Rapid weight loss program is geared towards someone who has a goal in mind. We require twice weekly visits and a high motivation level. If you have a weight loss goal in mind and have a deadline to meet, 21 days is all it takes. This high energy program has proven results.


At your Nutritional Consultation a nurse teaches you what types of foods to eat and what to avoid.

The all natural Appetite Suppressant will curb your hunger all day long.

The AMP Power Injections (Adenosine Monophosphate) will give you high doses of energy. (Also called Myoden)

The Vitamin Nutrient Injections will ensure you are not depleted of necessary nutrients while you are dieting.

The Lipotropic Injections are intense fat burners that will ensure your body is burning fat at a faster rate then usual while increasing your metabolism.

The B12 Injections will ensure you aren’t fatigued and deficient of nutrients while dieting.

And our Diet Plan Booklet will guide you through your 21 days, giving you tips and tricks about healthier meal options.


  1. Nutritional Consultation
  2. Lipolysis- Appetite Suppressant
  3. Diet Booklet Plan
  4. Twice weekly visits (Mondays and Thursdays)
  5. AMP Power Energy Injections
  6. Vitamin Nutrient Injections (twice per week)
  7. UNLIMITED Lipotropic Injections
  8. B12 Injections (twice per week)


What is an AMP Injection?

-AMP stands for Adenosine Monophosphate. AMP Injections are used for Energy, Metabolism, depression, appetite suppression.

How often do I come in for this program?

– This program requires twice weekly visits. You also get the option of coming in a third time for extra Lipotropic Fat Burning injections.

What is the difference between this and the One Month Weight Loss Program?

– This is a much more intense program. Twice weekly visits are required. There is also AMP injections which give you lots of energy. Also Lipotropic injections are unlimited in this program, you are able to come in up to three times per week for those.

Do I have to come in twice per week?

– Yes that is  requirement for this program, in order to be effective.  If you are only able to come in once a week, then you can try the One Month Weight Loss Program.

Average Weight Loss

12-16 lbs









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