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VITAstir Clinic Memberships

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Facetime Member

  • No Copay
  • Telemedicine Consultations only
  • No cost and Low cost prescriptions
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  • $10 Copay
  • Unlimited Office Visits (See Services Included)
  • No Cost and Low Cost Prescriptions
  • Includes ‘Facetime your Doctor’
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  • No Copay
  • Unlimited Office Visits (See Services Included)
  • Laboratory and Blood Testing
  • Unlimited Diagnostic Testing
  • No Cost and Low Cost Prescriptions
  • Includes ‘Facetime Your Doctor’
  • 2nd Member 10% off
  • 3rd Member 20% off
  • 24/7 Medical Access
  • Includes 2 At-Home Concierge Visits
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Diagnostic and Additional Test Pricing. ( Pricing is for Members Only)

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